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Atex zone 0 Camera & Led


Gerotto Federico S.r.l. has now launched new products for entering environments with high explosion risk: a system composed by Camera & Led certified ATEX zone 0 and Monitor certified ATEX zone 1, ATEX certified Mini Excavators, Mini Movers and Electric Vehicles.

Camera and Led make it easier for the operator to remote control the Mini Excavators. They are intrinsically safe and avoid any kind of sparks or overheating situation. Led illuminates hazardous areas and Camera transmits real-time video to a monitor through a safe cable system that avoids any risk of explosion.
Monitor could be certified ATEX or not depending on where it is placed.
- Color picture
- High sensitivity, day/night mode
- Tolerate any methane concentrations
- Coaxial cable
- Connection and single mode/multimode fibre-optic
- -10/+40°C Operating temperature 
- IP 65 degrees of safe encloser
- Simple installation
- Reducing consumption if power emergency occurs
- Tolerate any methane concentrations
- Different light colors and light angles
- -25/+50°C operating temperature
Led Lamp LIL-1
Intrinsically-safe LED lamp for illuminating hazardous areas.
It can be also used as a signalizing device, since it emits light of different colours.


Led lamp LIL-1n can be used to illuminate the path and signalize the end of the train during video inspections and operation in explosion-risk areas.
The LIL-1 LED lamp is an intrinsically-safe device classified as group l and ll (M1, ll 1G, ll 1D) ensuring an "ia" level of safety. It can be used in mining areas belonging to "a", "b" and "c" degrees of explosion hazard.
Lamp features and mounting methods can be customized depending on the individual needs of the customer at the time of ordering (LED colours, light angles, signalling function). With the standard handle, camera position is adjustable in two axes.
The lamp can be fitted with LEDs that emit different colours of light (standard or warm white, red, green, yellow or infrared).
For each of the three LEDs, you can choose a lens with a different light scattering angle.
Video Camera KTi-3

Intrinsically safe CCTV camera used for real-time colour video transmitting from methane and/or coal-dust explosion-risk areas, through various transmitting media, to surface or underground video viewing stations.

Four versions, with different output video signals:
- KTi-3 composite video output
- KTi-3m composite video output and TV modulator
- KTi-3sw composite video output and multimode, fibre-optic output
- KTi-3sj composite video output and single-mode, fibre-optic output.

The "composite video" output is used for transmission via an unbalanced concentric 75Ω line or balanced 110Ω impedance line (twisted pair).
The KTi-3m camera is equipped with a modulator, so the image can be transferred on separated channels in the frequency range from 25MHz to 120MHz.
 The KTi-3msw and KTi-3sj versions are adapted to connect with fibre-optics. Depending on the version, the image can be transmitted over a distance from several hundred meters to several kilometres.
The camera has a lens with automatically adjustable aperture depending on light intensity. At very low light intensities the sensor automatically switches to black and white.
All connections of electrical signals (power, "composite video" signal) are located on the camera's body via connectors with screw clamps. The "composite video" signal can also be connected via hermetic BNC connectors on the camera's body (custom made). The optical fibre enters the socket inside the body through the M16 or M20 cable gland.
Video Camera KTi-5

Intrinsically safe CCTV video camera designed to transmit colour images in real time from high explosion-risk areas.
-    Group I (ATEX classification): allows operations in confined spaces with methane concentrations
-    Group II: allows operations in zone 0

Video characteristics:
-    Full HD video stream
-    H.264 or MPEG-4 compression standard
-    30fr/s frame rate

Image can be displayed directly in network browser IE 6.0 (or newer) or with any software dealing with RTP/RTCP streams. Video camera allows settings of video stream in scope of image quality, shutter speed, video stream flow, frame type, compression ratio etc. It is equipped with functions such as movement detection or face recognition.
The camera’s lens has automatically adjustable aperture, depending on the intensity of the light. A sensor switches automatically to black/white mode when light is too scarce. The camera has integrated LED illuminator.

Camera characteristics:
-    12V DV intrinsically safe power supply
-    Power cord inserted through M16 cable gland.
-    Fibre optics 100Base-FX interface for providing video stream
-    Fibre optics inserted through M20 cable gland
-    Additional analog CVBS signal.
-    Shock resistant camera IP65 housing
-    Two-axis position adjustment with the handle.
  FTC NME - ROV Atex zone 0

ROV zone 0


New certified ATEX zone 0 ROV, FTC – NME (Fuel Tank Cleaning – No Man Entry), is a fully remote controlled mini robot created for underground tanks remediation. This ROBOT operates using these three functions:
- High pressure washing
- Sludge and oily deposit suction
- Chemical product spraying



Lombrico ATEX zone 1

This micro excavator is suggested for big tanks reclaiming operations.


Rubber Track Miniexcavator with hydraulic motors.
Hydraulic distributor tracks and movements command .
Quick couplings for hydraulic power . Lombrico ATEX complying with the requirements of the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC with Atex Classification II 2 G c IIB T4 X option.
The hydraulic controls can be remote-controlled or manually controlled.
Configuration " suction" or " dozer "
Prepared for Suction Excavators or for Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Vacuum Truck.
Led lighting.

- Length 2100 mm
- Height 650 mm
- Width 500 mm
- Weight of the track 220 kg
- Weight of the superstructure 130 kg
- Total weight 350 kg
- Engine motor displacement 50 cc
- Ratio gear box 1:5
- For hose: Ø150-Ø250 mm

Mini Mover Atex

Mini Mover Atex is a remote controlled tracked carriage machine, connected to a Hydraulic Power Pack through oil hoses.
It is certified Atex Zone 1 Classification II 2 G c IIB T4, which means it is suitable for working in environments filled with gases and vapours.
The Mini Mover Atex has been designed to carry an euro pallet with a maximum weight of 3000 kg (6614 lb). The security bars can stop the Mini Mover avoiding collisions with other objects.
Electric Vehicles Atex
These vehicles have been created for operations and
maintenance in potentially hazardous
environments such as chemical and  petrochemical industries, tunnel  construction and production sites
of mineral oil and natural gas.

Electric vehicles prevent any ignition of the atmosphere and should be chosen in accordance with ATEX classification. They are designed according to ATEX 94/9/EC for category 2 (zone 1) and 3 (zone 2).
These vehicles have AC motors with very high torque and smooth distribution which prevents skidding and loss of grip also on high risk land-types (sand, snow or ice) and guarantee start-up in ascent with hesitation.
These models are charged with special external battery chargers, that can charge several times more than traditional charging methods.
- Load Capacity up to 500 kg / 1102 lb
- Towing Capacity up to 2.000 kg / 4410 lb
- Batteries 8 kwh (std./gel cat. 2)
- Batteries 8.7 kwh (std./gel cat. 3)
- Load Capacity: 870 kg / 1918 lb
- Width: 127 cm / 50’’
- Length: 352 cm / 139’’
- Height: 185 cm / 73’’



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