Public Administrations and Net Operators

Every buried net operator (gas, light, telephony, water) must face the old problem of excavations realization in urban center.

Every yard involves different troubles among which traffic deceleration, acoustic pollution and particularly during excavation operations it is necessary to assure the integrity of numerous preexisting structures. It's necessary to consider the whole series of constraints and restrictions dictated by the government too, regarding work time frame and restoration conditions of road paving.

The problem is particularly important in the exercise of a gas or water net when numerous isolated interventions must be effected that require the opening of small excavations. This type of job imposes to have more undertakings with specialized teams able to intervene 24 hours a day, with exercise costs aggravation.

In order to intervene and provide to continuous problem periodically faced in the water network management, - with pluriennial experience in excavations sector with suction excavator method - proposes to public administrations and network operators the attainment of the following objectives:

  • Reduced times of excavation execution (70% compared with traditional methods)
  • Reduction of excavation volume
  • Minimum encumbrance of roadway
  • Yard cleanliness
Example of excavation done respecting existing pipelines
Vacuum Excavation — Enhancing Digging Safety

On the job site, nothing is more critical than attention to safety. Safe practices protect your employees and the public from injury and even death. These are the obvious benefits of safety.

Often overlooked consequences of unsafe practices are:
• Loss of resources, time of reporting accidents, investigations, equipment damage
• Increased insurance costs
• Damage to company's reputation

Non-destructive excavation is redefining safety expectations

The underground infrastructure is increasingly crowded: Lines can be almost anywhere. Even isolated areas that seem remote may conceal major gas or telecommunication lines. Many contractors decide to accept that the risk of strikes can not be avoided, or it just costs too much.


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