Engine and Transmission use a solution that consists of inserting on the transmission shaft a disinseribile power takeoff  that allows to alternatively connect the back bridge or the fan element. This system offers the advantage of reducing the vehicle weight and space , of facilitating maintenance and of reducing significantly the cost.

Decantation and Storage Container
Useful capacity, of about 8 m³, has been adopted based on initial hypothesis of works with small holes in urban center associated with interventions from the edge of the excavation. The discharge is made by container upsetting, without any manual intervention.

Dusts Filters
The decantation tank can not guarantee a perfect filtering of aspirated fluid; was therefore necessary to provide a filtering system to comply with rules on unloadings to the atmosphere.
Trunk Aspiration Pipe
The select flexible pipe responds to the following criterions:
Low weight that allows easy maintenance.
Flexibility, impact and abrasion resistance even in low atmospheric temperatures presence.
Reduced sensitivity to occlusions.

Its end is equipped with a steel terminal, removable, with a diameter slightly lower. Tank entrance is designed to avoid occlusions. The length takes account of work situation. The suction pipe is supported by a servo-controlled telescopic arm  (ascent and descent), rotating on a axis. The aspiration arm-pipe set is conceived in order it can be put back in road transport position without disassemble the flexible pipe. An ergonomic steering wheel which gathers the various commands is set on trunk so it can be handled in all cases from the excavation  edge.


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