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Gerotto is a pioneer of hands-free vacuum control technology for industrial and environmental cleaning operations. The company has developed a full range of remote controlled, unmanned Mini Excavators and Robots.
For many years Gerotto worked with Vacuum Trucks and Suction Excavators in multiple fields, for example in industries, refineries, mines, sewage cleaning and excavations, and the experience gained in such interventions pushed the R&D department to create and develop original tools to improve efficiency and productivity. It was from this need that the first standard models were created: Lombrico, Gatto and Dozer are now the most recognized robotic Mini Excavators all over the world.
Anyway, in the last years, the main production for "Officine Gerotto" (Gerotto's workshop) has been constituted of customized robots to better fit the needs of specific applications. In fact, Gerotto's customers often need to adapt the machines to particular purposes, so new tools and accessories are developed, demonstrating how the company takes care of every project.
Today Gerotto is ready to face new challenges: the broad experience in cleaning and remediation works makes it possible to find the right solution for every application and to design the best machine for any purpose. Moreover, special projects are developed in a short time, thanks to the increasing knowledge gained.
Nowadays Gerotto has developed and tested a large number of accessories for Mini Excavators, but many others can be designed on request and developed following the requirements of the customer.

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