The suction excavator uses as transport agent the air. In order to make this physically possible, seen the enormous difference among the specific weight of the air and the sediment, the  air volume must be far greater than the material volume to suck.
About suction excavator it doesn't use a technology that sucks material by a high pressure difference in special containers, but an open system with low pressure difference.
This pressure difference varies according the model from 0.17 bar to a maximum of 0.4 bar. The sucked material is eliminated through the air current in the vehicle  by the gravity force; through two filters systems, the air is cleaned and immediately expelled toward outside.


Vacuum excavation is the process of using high air flow to loosen and remove soil. The process reduces the potential damage to the underground infrastructure while maintaining a productive rate of excavation where utilities may be buried.
Using a vacuum excavator with high speed flow as your tool gives you several key advantages.

Vacuum Excavation is a productive non-destructive excavation mean that can reduce your risk of damage to lines and utilities.
Vacuum Excavation occurs when pressurized air breaks up and cuts the soil while a high-flow vacuum system lifts the soil up and out of the excavation area. Buried natural gas, petroleum pipelines, and water mains can be quickly and efficiently uncovered with greatly reduced risk of strike.

Fiber optic lines, cables, and other utilities can be efficiently located without the damage that can happen with traditional mechanical digging. Operators can dig with precision, establishing a less invasive method for slot trenching, potholing, and pipe location.

This manner of excavation causes less surface damage, reduces disruption of traffic and other surface activities and can be easier and less expensive to repair. Non-destructive vacuum excavation is quickly gaining acceptance by cities, utilities, and contractors as a relatively safe, effective alternative to traditional excavation methods in a wide range of applications such as:

- Line location
- Installation and repair for utilities and pipelines
- Sewer and pipe
- Rehabilitation
- Slot Trenching
- Waterline maintenance and repair
- Directional digging
- Excavation in congested areas
- Sign and pole installation
- Landscaping excavation
- Precision digging




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