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Application Fields Brochure 



Gerotto Federico Srl is a company with an experience of many years in the excavation sector and was the first company to use suction excavator method in Italy.
Thanks to the daily use of Suction Excavators, Gerotto could test and experience this technology in many occasions and different types of works, guaranteeing its experience and machinery know-how for industrial cleaning, environmental reclamation, pre-digging activity and for interventions within industrial plants such as oil refineries, petrochemical plants or steel factories. Excavated material is removed by aspiration via a suction pipe, which replaces worker shovel.

In a continued effort to eliminate the human presence during cleaning operations to ensure workers’ security, Gerotto has developed a new generation of remote controlled tools: Gerotto Mini Excavators, intended to move or to disrupt the materials, and to extract the sediments by suction.
Gerotto Suction Excavators are able to suck every material, even solid, liquid or muddy. They are designed with cyclone separators and the suction technology takes place by slowing down the air in the collecting tank and by diverting the flow direction.
Gerotto Suction Excavators are the best solution for delicate contexts and for facing several technical difficulties in narrow and dangerous spaces. They are particularly useful in conditions where the use of mechanical machines is limited.
The remediation activity is done with the help of Gerotto Mini Excavators and special tools, designed by Gerotto according to various needs of the customers.

Gerotto Suction Excavators use the air as transport agent. In order to make this physically possible, seen the enormous difference among the specific weight of the air and the sediment, the air volume must be far greater than the material volume to suck.
The thin stream process, sometimes also called dilute phase conveying, is characterized by the fact that the transport medium is a large, fastflowing stream of air, its speed enabling material to be transported. However, the amount of material transported is subordinately low compared with the quantity of transport medium.
The sucked material is eliminated through the air current in the vehicle by the gravity force; the air is cleaned through two filters systems and immediately expelled toward outside.
Gerotto Suction Excavator is composed by:
- Fan System, able to create an air flow of 42.000 m3/h and a depression of 55.000 pa.
- Decantation and Storage Container with a capacity of about 8 mc to 10 m3. The discharge is made by container tilting, without any manual intervention.
- Filtering System of 150 sq.m. of oil and water repellent
- Telescopic arm, servo-controlled (ascent and descent), rotating on one axis
- Reduced times of excavation execution (-70% compared with traditional methods)
- Reduction of the space occupied in the working area
- Maximum safety in the presence of gas and sewer exhalation
- Complete absence of debris and muddy material around and in the excavation site
- No risk to damage underground pipes
The Suction Excavator and Gerotto’s Mini Excavators can be used in several circumstances, for example:
- Industry/Refinery
- Gas net utility excavations
- Tanks/basins remediation
- Cleaning pipes
- Biogas plants
- Harbour area
- Silos cleaning
- Natural disasters intervention
- Digging execution
- Mobile bagging



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